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Our Services

At Maia Medispa, we offer multiple aesthetic and cosmetic services and treatments, post-op lymphatic drainages and more. Please see our price* list below:

Lymphatic Massages
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • 1 session: $140.00 per session
  • 5 sessions: $135.00 per session
  • 10 sessions: $130.00 per session
  • Basic Facial: $110.00
  • Deluxe Facial: $130.00
Wood Therapy
Wood Therapy
  • Colombian reductive massage: $140.00
  • Wood Therapy Facial: $80.00
Cosmetic Treatments
Cosmetic Treatments
  • Neuromodulators: $9.50 per unit
  • Fillers: $580.00 per syringe (of 1 ml)

* Please note that the displayed prices do not include the applicable taxes. GST and PST tax rates apply to all services.

About Maia Medispa

Maia Medispa is located in the heart of the Vimont district in Laval, Quebec. We offer professional cosmetic and aesthetic services, such as dermal fillers, neuromodulators, facials, wood therapy and lymphatic massages. You can book an appointment with our nurses and aesthetic professionals using our online booking system.

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Our Laval Location

1840 des Laurentides Blvd,
Office #2,
Laval, QC H7M 2P6

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Phone: +1 438 921-8861
E-mail: info@maiamedispa.com
Opening hours: By appointment only

Privacy Information

For questions or concerns about our privacy policy or information security, you can contact our Privacy Officer, Clinic Director Nathalie Labonté, by email at privacy@maiamedispa.com.

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